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Faye Wong has to come to Hong Kong to sing in the new film posters, always love shopping spree of her departure date for a final sprint. Although expensive for days, but my shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui, ignore people eyes, excitement, repeated squat picked wallets and their daughter picked book. For years Faye Wong stationed in Beijing, but also from time to time to shopping in Hong Kong, will be held on October concert she, recently came to Hong Kong, stay several days for the concert film posters, or make-up artist friends Zing and TiTi Kwan image guidance accompanied crazy shopping spree, the new clothes. Stay in Hong Kong only within a few days, has been around the shopping spree began his departure day, also for a single minute to buy. In the morning at about 11, dress up began wearing very eye-catching orange black coat, holding a Jovan element of the French brand GOYARD bag, for several men and women friends escorted to the Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City Shopping, and friends and to nearby BOTTEGA VENETA boutique. Fei Fu into the store performance excited, see her handbag to friends after storage, asked the clerk round, took several bags of picked to go to pick, but still seems not allow water. Black super namely buy namely wearing a shopping spree began certainly not up, see her step to the other counters selected wallet and phone rope, the pick more vigorously, also regardless of days after his identity, squat choose products, finally took several wallet at the moment to the clerk, i.e. flutter hammer purchase. Then began buying sunglasses, picking just water more namely buy namely wear. Loving Faye Wong, Shopping of course, but also did not forget to her daughter, she later went to the bookstore to children's books for two daughter chose proper books, squatting on addictive A Fei, soon will bag on the floor, he squat down to pick the book, for more than half an hour, bought a few children's book will leave. She would loot friends on seven car tail box, in addition to several trunk luggage, and my beloved by the red white and blue Duffel bag.